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About Our Curriculum

All children at St Margaret's Junior School follow the national curriculum. This means that they follow nationally agreed programmes of study in English, mathematics, science, ICT, art, music, PE, history, geography and design technology. In addition they must study personal, social and health education, for which there is non-statutory guidance. We have chosen to adopt the Diocesan Primary RE Syllabus which is being phased into each year group. RE is taught as a discrete subject but is also linked into other areas of the curriculum where relevant.  Our pupils are also introduced to a European languages; usually French.

We created our own topic based curriculum in 2012 which incorporates national curriculum expectations; this has evolved and adapted to suit our pupils and implement curriculum changes that were introduced in September 2014. Children are excited, engaged  and enthusiastic about their learning experiences which is exactly what we want to see. 


Your child will spend most of his or her time with one teacher.  The teacher who is responsible for your child’s registration each day (ie his or her class teacher) usually teaches the rest of the curriculum, except Music and Games where specialist teachers teach all classes. Subjects are taught separately and work is differentiated to ensure that all children make the best progress.  Each subject has its own policy and scheme of work. 


Progress through the different stages of the national curriculum is carefully monitored and reported to parents. We report progress in English and mathematics each term and report on all subjectsonce a year.


In Year 6 pupils are given the end of Key Stage 2 National Tests in Mathematics and English.


Sex education takes place within the context of the National Curriculum for Science. It is also taught explicitly in Year 6 where lessons are within a moral framework, which promotes the importance of family life. Parents are informed when sex education will be taught and have the right to withdraw their child from those lessons. We are happy for parents to view the content of these programmes prior to delivery.



Year 3 Curriculum Overview 2020/21

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Year 5 Curriculum Overview 2020/21

Year 6 Curriculum Overview 2020/21

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