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The Achievement Committee


Terms of Reference for the Achievement Committee



The aim of this committee is to monitor academic achievement throughout the school. This committee will monitor the school's performance against the objectives contained within the in the ISDP on the achievement of pupils and where necessary, amend them or add to them, with the aim of ensuring that, at its next Ofsted inspection, the school will be found to be at least good, in Ofsted's judgment, under the heading of Achievement of pupils at the school. Other, broader aspects of achievement, such as those reflected in the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils will be reported to the Full Governing Body in the Headteachers report.




  • To monitor achievement taking account of pupils’ starting points, age and the progress that the lowest attaining pupils are making pupils making in Maths, English and Reading throughout the school.
  • To monitor the learning and progress of different groups of pupils currently on the roll of the school, including disabled pupils, those who have special educational needs, looked-after children [LAC] and those for those for whom the pupil premium provides support. The latter being achieved through examination of the school’s Provision Map and case studies of individual pupils.
  • To receive monitoring reports on the scrutiny of pupils’ work to assess standards, progress and the quality of learning of pupils currently in the school
  • To monitor pupil progress and attainment figures in English & mathematics against Local and National figures with the aim of the school achieving higher that both.This will include an in depth analysis of Raise Online over the last three years.
  • To monitor the process of assessment and recording within the school
  • In monitoring to, challenge, support and hold Senior Leaders to account on pupil progress and attainment; understanding reasons for all interventions and strategies being used.
  • To ensure all statutory duties are met within the Inclusion and Achievement umbrella
  • To receive reports on the training and effective use of Teaching assistants within the school in relation to progress and attainment
  • To monitor the views of pupils, parents and staff regarding their perception of progress and achievement in the school.
  • To celebrate with parents the success of initiatives that lead to attainment being raised


Ideal outcomes

  •  The proportion of pupils meeting and exceeding expected progress from different starting points will be above both Medway’s and national figures.
  •  The value-added indices for the school overall and for different groups of pupils and subjects will be above both Medway’s and national figures.
  •  Pupils’ attainment in relation to both Medway’s and national standards compares well with all schools, based on data over the last three years.
  •  The progress of pupils currently on roll, using a range of indicators, including where relevant:
  • -          the proportion of pupils attaining particular standards
  • -          average points scores
  • -          pupils’ attainment in reading, writing and mathematics
  •  Pupils who are eligible for the pupil premium have achieved at least expected progress since joining the school.
  • The ‘gap’ between different groups of pupils in the school compares well with that achieved nationally.

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