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Behaviour & Safety

Behaviour & Safety

Terms of Reference for the Behaviour, Safety and Management Committee




The aim of this committee is to ensure that the school promotes the highest standards of pupil behaviour and ensures all statutory requirements regarding safeguarding are in place and monitored at predetermined intervals.



  • The Chair of Governors to monitor the school’s Single Central Record [SCR] at predetermined intervals.
  • To ensure that all pupils are familiar with the school’s Behaviour Policy and adhere to it.
  • To ensure Senior Leaders monitor pupils’ behaviour in a range of different activities and settings and their attitudes to all staff.
  • To receive a report from the HT on the Behaviour and Safety of pupils three times a year.
  • To monitor the pattern and frequency of fixed-period exclusions for different groups of pupils and the impact of any unacceptable behaviour on other pupils.
  • To monitor any incidents of bullying and harassment – including cyber-bullying and prejudice-based bullying related to special educational need, sexual orientation, sex, race, religion and belief, gender reassignment or disability.
  • To monitor the school’s actions to prevent and address discriminatory or derogatory language.
  • To monitor the views of parents and pupils regarding behaviour and safety.
  • To monitor pupil attendance and punctuality over time.
  • To ensure that the schools policies on equal opportunities meet statutory requirements and are being adhered to including the publication on the website of the public sector equality duty.
  • To monitor the school’s Health and Safety Policy and ensure that the Site Manger receives appropriate training for Safe Systems of Work.
  • To ensure a nominated committee member undertakes Health and Safety walks of the school with the Site Manager and HT.
  • To ensure that there is in place a robust system of Risk Assessment and Management for activities that require supervision and attention beyond that which would reasonably be carried out in a classroom setting.
  • To ensure that the school has a trained Educational Visits Co-ordinator [EVC] and the school complies with statutory guidance regarding the safety of individuals both on and off site.
  • To meet with the School Council and discuss issues of behaviour and safety three times a year.
  • To approve the allocation of schools revenue and capital budgets.
  • To monitor the reports on the outrun against budgets including the allocation of the pupil premium.


Ideal outcomes:

  • All safeguarding procedures are in place and comply with statutory obligations including compliance of the SCR
  • Children behave well both in school and when attending off site activities. They are well mannered and respectful to each other and adults.
  • Fixed term exclusions are kept to a minimum.
  • All pupils feel safe at school and know how to keep themselves and others safe within their community and beyond.
  • Parents believe their children are safe at school and know how to keep themselves safe in a variety of situations.
  • All Health and Safety guidelines are enforced and followed within the school grounds.
  • Thorough risk assessments are undertaken for all activities requiring additional supervision and care both on and off site.
  • Annual publication of public sector equality duty is published on the school website.
  • Schools budget monitored evaluated and spent to the benefit of pupils.

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