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History gives pupils the opportunity to investigate, research and develop historical thinking whilst being hands on with a range of artefacts. This therefore allows the children to fully understand the concept of change over a period of time. At St. Margaret’s, we strive to encourage children to ask questions in order to create a deeper understanding of their knowledge. Furthermore, we encourage the pupils to also share their own experiences of history related learning they have accessed outside of the classroom learning environment.


In order to assist with developing historical thinking at St Margaret’s, pupils are taught a range key concepts:

  • Chronological knowledge and understanding.
  • Historical terms.
  • Historical enquires paired with using evidence.
  • Interpretations of History.
  • Continuity and change.
  • Identifying similarities and differences between the past and present.
  • Recognising significant events.


Children are encouraged to be curious and imaginative. We endeavour, as a team, to bring history to life within different year groups. We commence the beginning of terms by submersing pupils with ‘hook days’; such an example being Roman Day in Year 4.

Think you know all there is to know about History? Try out some of the quizzes or alternatively, explore to greater your understanding:

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