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Physical Education

Physical Education

At St Margaret’s children are exposed to two physical education lessons every week: one games based lesson and one more focused on gymnastics, dance or swimming depending on the term.

We feel that this is a great opportunity offering them a variety of different sports that require different skill sets. We believe as a school that this will maximise participation levels within P.E and Games lessons.

What do we cover?

During indoor sessions, every other term, we cover topics such as multi skills, dance, fitness, gymnastics, tri golf and archery.

In our weekly outdoor lessons, we cover invasion games such as football, hockey, netball, basketball and athletics along with striking and fielding games including cricket and rounders.

We also encourage a healthy team building section involving outdoor adventure activities (OAA) such as orienteering where a complex set of clues and markers provide the children with a chance to test their problem solving and strategy skills against their classmates.


Lunch and Afterschool clubs

Lunchtime and after-school clubs are also offered to give the children that extra session to further continue their development.

The clubs that we currently run are football, cricket, hockey, badminton and cross country.



Our regular entry into the Medway Mini-Youth Games has given us the opportunity to test our students’ skill set and ability in a friendly and competitive environment.

The children thoroughly enjoy the responsibility of representing the school and feel a great pride when wearing the school colours.

This opportunity allows them to showcase the skills that they have learnt within their P.E lessons and test those skills against children within Medway.

We have also entered other tournaments such as tri golf, multi skills and also sports hall athletics, which our year 3 and 4 pupils came second in and were given the opportunity to represent Medway at the district competition in Canterbury.


Sports Day

The school also holds a successful and well supported competitive sports day, with a variety of athletic events allowing an opportunity for all to participate in sport in some way.  The success has brought new members to a range of teams and clubs both within and out of the school community, it also has shown the commitment and dedication many of the teachers have made towards running clubs within the school.

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