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School Logo

St Margaret's

CofE Junior School

Growing and achieving in God's love







School Mission Statement - Values and Ethos

Our Vision Statement:

Growing and Achieving in God's love.


Our Vision:

During their time at St Margaret’s children will become confident and independent learners equipped with the necessary life skills to prepare them for secondary school and beyond.


We value:

•          The whole child as a physical and spiritual being.

•          All staff, both professional and support, and their contribution to our mission.

•          The privilege of learning

•          Equality of opportunity

•          Inclusion

•          Parents as partners in their child's education

•          Governors as colleagues in our mission


Our Ethos:

The school will preserve and develop its religious character in accordance with the principles of the Church of England and in partnership with the Church at parish and diocesan level. The school aims to nurture Christian children in their faith and serve the wider community of which they are a part. 


We aim to: Nourish those of the faith; Encourage those of other faiths; Challenge those who have no faith.' St Margaret's is both a distinctly Christian and inclusive community. It encourages an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith. It promotes Christian values and spiritual development through the experience it offers to all its pupils whilst being open to the diverse community it serves.  

 Our Christian Values:

The Christian values  that underpin all we do at St Margaret's C of E Junior School are Love, Respect, Wisdom, Equality, Faith and Community.


At St Margaret’s C of E Junior School:


Everyone is made to feel welcome, valued and treated with respect


We nurture the Christian faith while respecting all other faiths


We embrace unity and respect difference


We are a close community in which children are happy, safe, comforted and loved


Children with problems at home are offered support


We know how to have fun


We strive for excellence, have high expectations, make learning exciting and all pupils are shown how to improve their work


Staff are innovative and work hard to help children achieve well and flourish as individuals


We focus on the whole child, kindle interest and nurture talent


People care and good things happen


Parents trust staff


Children have a voice, are treated as individuals and encouraged to participate in activities beyond the classroom


Children have responsibilities


Staff are proud of our reputation within the community we serve and children want to be here

Our Goals:


•          To engage, enthuse and equip pupils for life;

•         To deliver the whole curriculum, including the National Curriculum, in a challenging and stimulating environment;

•          To provide support, training and development for all our staff;

•          To demonstrate love, care and understanding to all our pupils;

•          To involve the school in the community and the community in the school;

•          To respond to parental concerns as rapidly and as fully as possible, and where practical, within 24 hours.

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Love, Respect, Wisdom, Equality,

Faith and Community.