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Teaching & Learning

Teaching & Learning

Terms of Reference for the Teaching and Learning Committee



The aim of this committee is to ensure thatteaching promotes learning and to raises pupils’ achievement. It will also ensure that teaching promotes the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all pupils within our community.



  • To ensure all statutory duties are met relating to Teaching and Learning.
  • To Review the school’s Teaching and Learning Policy.
  • To monitor evidence of pupils’ learning and progress over time by receiving reports from the HT and Senior Leaders.
  • To review the HT’s assessment of the quality of teaching and learning over time.
  • To consider the extent to which the ‘Teachers Standards ‘are being met based on an evaluation by the school’s Senior Management Team.
  • To receive reports on the training in relation to the professional development of staff directly involved with teaching and learning.
  • To receive reports on the monitoring on target setting, marking, developmental feedback, pupil response to marking presented by the HT or Senior Leaders and to be familiar with the process undertaken [understand the school’s Marking Policy and be shown examples of marking and feedback].
  • To monitor, evaluate and review the progress of action points relevant to this committee on the ISDP.
  • To monitor, review and evaluate the effectiveness of the school’s curriculum
  • To receive reports from Subject Leaders on the quality of provision, resources and future developments relating to their subject..
  • To monitor the views of pupils, parents and staff regarding their perception of the quality of teaching and learning in the school.


Ideal outcomes:

  • Teachers have high levels of expertise and subject knowledge.
  • Teachers ensure that pupils achieve well.
  • Work is challenging enough for all pupils to meet their individual needs.
  • Teachers use Assessment for learning [AfL] strategies in lessons and adapt their teaching accordingly.
  • Teachers’ marking, feedback and assessment improves pupils’ learning over time.
  • Pupils know how to improve their work through effective dialogue with teachers and developmental marking.
  • Pupils are engaged, enthusiastic, independent and behave well in lessons.
  • Pupils speak well of their learning experience and their enjoyment of the curriculum.

Teaching should be understood to include teachers’ planning and implementing of learning activities, including the setting of appropriate homework, across the whole curriculum, as well as marking, assessment and feedback. It comprises activities within and outside the classroom, such as additional support and intervention.

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