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Eco Schools



Our Eco code is:

Helping each other

Eating fruit and vegetables

All working together

Love your environment

Tidy our playground

Healthy choices

Yes! To being healthy at St Margaret's!



We are yet to appoint our Eco member for the 2020-2021 year, due to Covid 19 and bubble restrictions. We have dedicated children in each year group making sure that their classrooms are tidy, and we are recycling properly!



We have our Green Flag!

I am so pleased to announce that we have now obtained our Green Flag! This is a huge achievement that we are incredibly proud of, and it has taken years to achieve this. The Green Flag shows that here at St Margaret's, we are demonstrating all seven steps of what it takes to be an Eco friendly school. We have achieved and undertaken many projects that have helped with our application and we are just so excited about having our flag arrive and being able to wave it proudly at the front of our school!

A big achievement for our Eco Squad! Well done to you all!

Miss Stevens

This is our data from 2018/2019 - We will be comparing this data with our data from this year!

We have now come to the end of our clean air pollution monitoring! In the graph, you can see the results that we gathered. We came to the conclusion that because our air pollution was below 40ug, we are happy that our school doesn't produce much air pollution.

We are still going to be encouraging people to walk more, and to drive less!


Year 5 and 6 Eco Committee


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