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St Margaret's History Intent

What is the intent of our History curriculum?

At St Margaret’s Church of England Junior School, we want to equip children with a curiosity of learning. Through our History curriculum, we want to inspire children to question and understand the world we live in and to make connections as to how the world today has been shaped by pervious events. Our curriculum has been crafted to encourage and support the children to find out more about both recent and distant history, from a local, national and global perspective. Through our curriculum, we will provide our children with dates, facts and primary and secondary sources. To aid understanding, written, pictorial and oral sources, as well as artefacts will be used and encouraged. This will enable to children to ask the question ‘why?’ building a natural curiosity, which, over time will enable children to link their historical knowledge, processes and events. These skills will then ensure the children can formulate constructive arguments and the validity of evidence so they can formulate their own ideas, independently.


Across their time at St Margaret’s we will layer prior learning with new knowledge. We are working towards weaving conceptual threads throughout our curriculum. It is through this we layer our learning. Each time we revisit a concept the understanding grows and knowledge deepens. As their journey continues through KS2, the children will begin to understand both causes and consequences.


Learning will be understood in a chronological sense, however, it will not be taught this way. The children will have an understanding of what came before and what went after each. Each classroom will have a timeline, which will assist learning. Children will be able to use this information to visualise and understand when historical events occurred, compare events and understand the global impact, if appropriate. 

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